Need Network Cabling? 3 Things To Tell Your Installer

Network cabling is one of the hallmarks of a state-of-the-art, modern society. Without it, households wouldn't be able to enjoy high-speed internet, great networking throughout the house, or appliances that rely on the internet to perform at their optimal capacity. However, when it comes to having cable installed, there are a few critical things you should share with your installer. Here are three things you should talk with your installer about. 

1. Your Timeline That Day 

Depending on what kinds of cables you are having installed, the process could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. While some cables simply need to be run from a router to the appropriate room, others may need to be run through attics, fished through walls, and installed underneath flooring. Before you have any cable installer begin work, talk with them about your timeline that day, and what you feel comfortable with. Ask them what their project window looks like, how often these types of installations run long, and if you can count on them to finish by a certain point in the day. 

2. Where You Need Cables

Make sure your cable installer knows exactly where you need cables to be run. Talk with them about every area you need a TV, a hardwired LAN line, or a phone line. Mention where you will put wireless routers, and make sure you have the supplies on hand they need to completely install and test the new service. If you aren't sure what you will need, lay everything out beforehand and ask your installer if they will need anything else at the end of the service.

3. How You Want Exterior Cables Hidden

Oftentimes, cable installers are faced with installing cables on the exterior of a home, since they may need to run to an exterior, outdoor, underground line. However, this presents an interesting problem since the cable could be visible on the exterior of the home. Talk with your installer about where they plan to put cables, whether they can hide them in gutters or behind fascia, and how to minimize the look as much as possible. 

Remember, anytime you have a professional show up at your home to perform work, it is in your best interest to talk with them, decide whether you feel comfortable with them performing the work, and reach out to their parent company if you'd like to request someone else. By being honest about how you feel, you can help to improve outcomes in the long run. 

For more information about network cabling installation, contact a local installation company.