Protecting A Building By Installing A Fire Sprinkler System

Modern fire sprinkler systems are capable of dramatically improving the safety of a building as they will be able to rapidly extinguish small fires before they are able to grow large enough to cause major damage to the building. Despite these systems being a common sight in many commercial buildings, homeowners are often poorly informed about adding these systems to their homes.

Is The Risk Of The Fire Sprinklers Falsely Activating High?

A homeowner may be worried about the risk of the fire sprinklers falsely activating. This could cause widespread damage, but it is generally not a concern that homeowners should have. In order for the fire sprinkler system to activate, small plastic caps will protect the sprinklers, and they will only activate once these caps melt. As a result, the sprinklers will have to be exposed to heat in order to activate, which can protect the building while reducing the risk of the sprinklers incorrectly activating.

Can Adding A Fire Sprinkler System Impact Your Home's Value Or Insurance?

Adding fire sprinkler systems can substantially reduce the risk of the entire building being lost to a fire. As a result, this can help to reduce the insurance costs for the building. Furthermore, this may also increase the resale value of the property as many buyers may appreciate the benefits of these safety systems. For those worried about these sprinkler systems impacting the interior aesthetic of the building, it can be possible to color-coordinate them so that they will blend into the rest of the interior as closely as possible.

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Fire Sprinkler System Periodically Inspected And Serviced?

Once the fire sprinkler system is installed, it will be necessary to have it periodically tested and inspected. These steps will be needed to ensure that the sprinklers will be able to work in the event that a fire starts in the building. In addition to being the best practice for ensuring the safety of your building, this may also be required by the local building codes or your insurance carrier. Fortunately, servicing a fire sprinkler system will only take a few hours, and it should only be needed once a year. In the event that there are problems discovered with the fire sprinkler system during this assessment, repairs should be scheduled as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the sprinkler system may not work when you are needing it to quickly extinguish a growing building fire.