Why Get Into Residential Design?

You have a degree in architecture and you've been working in the commercial sector for years. You take on clients personally as well as work for a major company that sends clients your way based on your level of expertise and your niche.

You want to change up your career and work for a more private sector, mainly the residential sector. You want to appeal to a wider audience while being able to tone down the scope of the work you do while still challenging your mind. Here are reasons to consider residential design as your new field of interest.

You can complete projects faster

One of the issues you found with the commercial sector was this: being committed to the same architectural design project for a very long time. Commercial clients usually have very large design builds that require a large team and a longer completion time.

When you work for the residential sector, your completion time is usually smaller because the projects you take on are smaller in scope. Many of your projects will have to do with housing or redesign of an original home concept, which allows you to complete projects faster, work on them more independently rather than as a team, and feel more challenged because you can take on a few projects at once.

You can work on a variety of projects

You never know what the next home owner or other residential customer will desire, which means your workload can vary on a regular basis. You get to interact with people on a more personal basis while completing projects that vary one from another. If you are tired of the predictability of commercial design and want to try something new, you'd be surprised at the versatility working with the residential customer can bring.

You can work more independently

When you work on residential design projects, much of the work to be done can be completed on your own. You can choose to outsource small areas of a design if you wish. You have been wanting to branch out and try your design skills on a more independent basis, and starting with a residential field is one way to do this.

If you have a particular niche, such as historic or modern design, you can use this particular interest in the residential sector just as you can in the commercial realm. When you change up your design career, you find more fulfillment in your craft. For more information, contact a company like Christopher James Architecture today.